The research topics of the Department of Electronic Engineering are:

  • Basic long-term research
  • Applied research

The basic research deals with concepts and advanced technologies in a future perspective of 10-15 years, while the applied research deals with concepts that will be used in the industrial sector within 3-5 years. The basic research gives the fundamentals to develop the necessary technological competences to push the applied research forward.

Research Topics:

The today research has a multidisciplinary approach in order to face specific practical scenarios or systems through an integrated way. The research activities of our Department are:

Publications, patents, national and international research projects, general funding, scientific works and research projects review activities, cooperation agreements, researchers exchange with foreign Institutions, conferences and workshops organization, Consortiums participation, spin-offs, public and private Companies support provide maximum visibility for the quality and the results of the Department.

The laboratories of the Department are:

  • Microelectronic and VLSI for DSP Architectures
  • ELTlab
  • Mimeg (microwave and millimeter- wave electronic group)
  • Measures and Image and Signal Processing
  • Micro-Nano-System and Interface Circuits
  • Optoelectronics
  • Telecommunications Network
  • Sensors and Microsystems
  • Satellite Telecommunications
  • RadarLab
  • HASCON (Hardware and Algorthms for Systems of COmmunication and Navigation)
  • HITEG 1 – 2