Chemical and biological sensors for medical diagnosis

Keywords: Breath analysis and urines analysis by means of array of gas sensors (Electronic Nose) and potentiometric sensors (Electronic Tongue)

Contact Person: Corrado Di Natale, Eugenio Martinelli


Biomimetic sensor System

Keywords: Artificial Nose and Tongue, Design of “bio-inspired” sensorial system, bio-inspired Processing and algorithms, Spiking Neural Network, Neuromorphic circuits, Self-Organizing Map, Multivariate data analysis, Feature extraction, Pattern Recognition.

Contact Person: Corrado Di Natale, Eugenio Martinelli


Image analysis for medical applications

Keywords: Early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Contact Person: Marcello Salmeri, Arianna Mencattini


Emotional state and its application in the disease diagnosis

Keywords: Analysis of facial expressions, automatic emotion recognition for diagnostic purpose

Contact Person: Arianna Mencattini, Marcello Salmeri,


Artificial intelligence and neural networks

Keywords: neuronal modeling, asynchronous spiking neural networks, temporal coding, event-driven simulation, synaptic plasticity, classification, pattern recognition

Contact Person: Mario Salerno

Keywords: time-frequency analysis of biological signals, neural networks, SVM and NMF techniques for the processing and classification of bio-signals.

Contact Person: Giovanni Costantini


Wearable Sensors

Keywords: Sensor Glove, design and characterization of sensors for rehabilitation, gestures classification, artificial intelligence brain computer interface (BCI), human-machine interface (HMI), advanced 3-D graphics, augmented virtual reality

Contact Person: Giovanni Saggio.

Keywords: System for the characterization of mechanical and inertial sensors, sensors interfaces, analogical and digital signal condition.

Contact Person: Giancarlo Orengo.