DIE Research Area “Security and Defence” offers expertise in the following sectors:

Homeland Security, Military Defence, Civil Defence, Civil Protection, CBRNe Risk and WMD Proliferation

Keywords: study and research related to systems, solutions, technologies and good practices in the field of safety, security, defence, intelligence and risks related to accidental or intentional dissemination, of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear contaminants/agents and explosives (CBRNe) and to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Preparedness, mitigation, planning, management and response in case of crisis, emergency, maxi-emergencies, natural/man-made/technological disasters, terrorist attacks and asymmetric/hybrid/multidimensional threats. Identification and mitigation of infrastructural, territorial, social and economical impacts and consequences of natural events/disasters/attacks. Security planning, organization and management of “Major Events” and “Mass Gathering Events”. Critical infrastructure protection. Information management in case of crisis and emergency. Multi-agency cooperation in case of crisis and emergency. Integration of civil and military capabilities in complex and multi-events scenarios. Information management and systems interoperability in case of crisis and emergency. Urban crisis management. Contingency planning. New policies for resilience. CBRNe and WMD security, and defence. CBRNe and WMD Intelligence. CBRNe and WMD CSI & Forensic. Systems, tools and technologies for education and training in the field of safety, security, defence, intelligence, CBRNe risk and WMD proliferation. Strategies and methodologies for technology transfer. Public/private partnership and synergies between research and end users. Influence of social media and information policy in the fields of safety, security, defence, intelligence, CBRNe risk and WMD proliferation. Implementation of new strategic concepts as “comphrensive approach”, “hybrid threat” and “non conventional threat”.

Contact person: Roberto Mugavero *

* Professor of “Planning Actions for Homeland Security” – Environmental Engineering Course and Scientific Director of Second Level Master Degree in “Electronic Systems and Technologies for Security, Defence and Intelligence” – Department of Electronic Engineering.

Safety and security critical systems

Keywords: characterization  of fault models applicable to safety critical systems (e.g. transport, health…). Design and development of electronic systems for safety critical applications. Design of hardware-based secure systems.

Contact Person: Marco Ottavi