The DIE has a historical tradition in the field of space technology, as confirmed by the large number of projects supported by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and European Space Agency (ESA), in which the DIE has been and is still involved. As an example of the historical involvement in research of great significance both nationally and internationally within the space, it should be mentioned that the Principal Investigator of ITALSAT was Prof. Francesco Valdoni, Professor at the DIE until 2002.


The DIE has maintained this tradition and today offers skills in the following areas:


Electronics for space


Keywords: nonlinear microwave circuits , power amplifiers with high efficiency, transmitters

Contact person: Paolo Colantonio


Keywords: low noise amplifiers, characterization and device models.

Contact person: Ernesto Limiti


Keywords: mixing, signal conditioning, phase and amplitude control circuits.

Contact person: Ernesto Limiti


Keywords: Architectures for Low Power Digital reprogrammable for Space Applications

Contact Persons: Marco Re, Gian Carlo Cardarilli


Keywords: baseband processing for modulation and demodulation, encoding and encryption

Contact Person: Gian Carlo Cardarilli


Keywords: electronic systems ” fault-tolerant ” for the space and logistics

Contact Person: Gian Carlo Cardarilli, Marco Ottavi


Devices NavCom

Keywords: Location-awareness, integration of services, prototype devices NavCom

Contact person: Marina Ruggieri


Communications technology in EHF bands

Keywords: satellite communications, adaptive modulation and coding, power control, diversity, optimization of the DVB-S2 standard, testing communications baseband Q/V

Contact person: Marina Ruggieri


Keywords: EHF subsystems characterization and design

Contact person: Ernesto Limiti


Protocols and satellite networks

Keywords: TCP/IP, Security, MAC, DAMA, DVB RCS, Cross-Layer methodologies, Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN), sensor networks, heterogeneous networks, cloud computing, optimizing use of capacity

Contact Person: Michele Luglio


Services and Applications

Keywords: multimedia services and applications, telemedicine, emergency communications, system architecture, sensor networks

Contact Person: Michele Luglio