Report on CBRNe Events in the World – Issue June 2020

The University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Department of Electronic Engineering – DIE, the Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defence – OSDIFE and the State University of the Republic of San Marino, Center for Security Studies – CUFS are pleased to present the “Report on CBRNe Events in the World – Issue June 2020“.

The Report aims to disseminate news and information, as well as to observe and monitor a wide range of unconventional events. It is a unique tool at international level, which allows not only to identify the effective type and occurrence of each event, but also to highlight trends as a valuable result of a detailed analysis. The main purpose is to improve further strategies and consequent mitigation actions and to properly face global emerging threats. Furthermore, this report allows to synthetically evaluate each event, as well as to provide a related hyperlink for further in-depth analysis.
Given its extreme relevance today and for the future of international safety and security, the Report includes a brief section focused on COVID-19 as a biological global threat. The study, organized on a weekly basis and examining the world by dividing it into macro geographical areas, deals with reporting the SARS-CoV-2 May milestones and the progress of cases and deaths. In this way, the reader will be allowed to effectively grasp the big picture of the critical situation linked to the pandemic, beside its evolution during the month covered by the current Report issue.
The Report endeavours to build a network of mutual contributions. For that, the International Editor, the Coordinator and the Authors welcome your help for future issues. We invite you to contribute to the Report by sending news, events and initiatives, of relevance to CBRNe and WMD, by email to .

To get a copy of the report, please send a request to .